Since 2007 over 300 private, NFP and government organisations have turned to Character Builders for team building.

  • Full Quote, Tailored Programs and Itinerary for all sessions
  • Public Liability of $20,000,000
  • Servicing all major Towns and Cities in Australia
  • Proven programs with fabulous outcomes for your team

CBD Photo Treasure Hunt

Conducted in and around the city reaches or tailored to your local work environment your goal is to work within budgets and timeframes to get the best results for your team. Speed is not always the answer. Lateral thinking and creativity are high on the priority list of success for this little teaser. Your team will laugh and have plenty of fun all while capturing priceless memories on your camera. Your action photos are sure to remind you of all the fun and memorable moments well into the future.

Suitable for groups 8-500 this activity will challenge your staff to work as a team, communicate efficiently, identify and delegate duties, overcome obstacles, utilise limited resources, laugh loads and much more….

We can run the photo treasure hunt at any great city locations to bring you that “out of the office” experience.

Duration: 2-3 hours/Full Day/Tailored to your needs
Location: Our hunt zone can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

Staff Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics Team Building
Picture a sports carnival with lateral thinker activities, plenty of team building challenges and traditional events all rolled into one. Step out of the office and into the stadium as we prepare for some competitive fun. We have hosted this event at indoor sports centres, playing fields, at the beach and at clients workplaces.

On this day, it’s not the fastest, fittest and strongest that win. We will provide you with tailored events designed at bringing out the best in each one of your staff. Your team will grow a finer appreciation for the differences in each other as together they work together to get the job done. Your team will see that with teamwork they can be more productive and also achieve greater harmony which can be transferred back in the workplace. This day caters for all levels of fitness and capabilities. All games are safe, fun and allow for all participants to shine. Suitable for teams of 8+

Problem Solvers, Trust Games, Team Challenges, Lateral Thinkers, Brain Strains and so much fun!!!

Duration: 2-3 hours/Full Day/Tailored to your needs
Location: Our stadium zone can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

Character Builders The Bigger Picture

They say a picture paints a thousand words so to help get the message across we have designed a canvas workshop where each team member as part of the larger team must work together to make sense of the ‘big picture’.  Starting with an individual canvas, staff must work together and design a team canvas to finally gel with part of giant canvas structure for the entire staff contingent. Our facilitators will take your teams through a safe self-discovery and team bonding session to help them identify with their ‘big picture’. This is a very powerful activity that helps all staff members to acknowledge themselves and each other as part of the team.

We supply all facilitation, paints, canvases, drop sheets and materials. The finished product is a real possession for the team and will look great as a feature for any wall back at the office.

Duration: 2-3 hours/Full Day/Tailored to your needs
Location: Our art studio can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

Ready Steady Cook

So much better than the TV series Ready Steady Cook! What better way to bring people together than with food!!! Tantalise your taste buds, bring out your culinary flair and take part in what will be a fun filled event of sharing and creativity. In teams you will be given 4 key ingredients ranging from market delicacies, prime cuts of meat, fresh seafood, sweet delights, exotic fruits and vegetables and more. Your task is to whip up tantalising tapas* for the enjoyment of your colleagues using these 4 key ingredients.

We will support you by supplying a plethora of staple kitchen items and cookware. Our job is to pour the drinks and clean up the mess. Your job is to Start Cooking!!!!

Duration: 2-3 hours/Full Day/Tailored to your needs
Location: Our culinary kitchen can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

CB Amazing Race

Looking for an amazing out of the office adventure? Why not challenge staff to an amazing race?? This challenge incorporates anything and everything from budgeting for travel, completing challenges, problem solving, creating opportunity and having loads of fun. We can tailor the race to meet your needs including budget, group sizes, location and theme.

Some of our activities and challenges are very random. They require plenty of character input to get the job done. We put together Amazing Race packages on foot, via bicycle, car or a combination of all three.

Duration: 2-3 hours/Full Day/Tailored to your needs
Location: Our race zone can be tailored to your request

All major towns and cities in Australia


If you would like some adventure and a great outdoor pursuit than this might be the one for you. Your team will be challenged and inspired as they reinact the footsteps of both ANZAC and Japanese soldiers. Kokoda offers a great insight towards seeing both sides of any story. Based on true accounts from x-diggers (both Australian and Japanese) your team is sure to embrace the spirit needed to build a team. Look no further than this guaranteed cultural day of; adventure and survival skills, problem solving in the outdoors, co-operation and sharing of duties, running a base camp, conduct recon missions in the bush, prep fires and cook lunch and share goals for the trek ahead.

All equipment, food and instructional activities included. All activities have been designed to allow for different strengths and capabilities. No one gets left behind on this day.

Duration: Full day
Location: Our Kokoda Challenge can be tailored for your chosen locations or at one of our preferred locations.
All major towns and cities in Australia

Minute To Win It!

Minute To Win It!

Minute To Win It is just like the TV Show Experience only everyone in the room gets to be involved!! This team builder caters for all styles of participant. It is suitable for all ages and abilities allowing for lateral thinkers, academics, physically fit and super competitive. Your team will enjoy learning more about each other while they work together to tackle challenges and beat the clock. Our games are loads of fun and raise the excitement level to the roof.

We supply all facilitation, equipment and great prizes.

Duration: 2-3 hours or tailored to your needs
Location: Our minute to win it zone can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

Island Escape or Beach Retreat

Picture the team escaping the mainland to a beautiful beach destination. On offer are variety of fun outdoor activities and some island or beach time relaxing to be had. You can choose from sand boarding, snorkelling, fishing, Beach Olympics, kite competitions, 4WD on the beach and more.

We will pack icy cold drinks, great food and set up the perfect oasis for your team. All programs are tailored to make this day a real escape.

Duration: Full day
Location: Our Island Escape can be tailored for your chosen locations or at one of our preferred locations.
All major towns and cities in Australia

Character Cocktails

Why not shake, muddle and pour at your next team building session? You will have access to professional trainers and all the equipment needed to create your own signature cocktail. Our friendly cocktail trainers will teach you the tricks of the trade and give you sneak peaks into the latest cocktail trends from bars from around the world. Your job is to create the next big cocktail sensation in the market, give it a name and all the trimmings. Then comes the moment of truth….. It’s the perfect kick-start to after work drinks or just for a casual afternoon work affair.

We can theme and tailor all sessions to match up with your needs. Past clients have enjoyed “Sunset Cocktails”, “Cocktails on the Deck”, “Sunbed Cocktails by the Sea”, “Cocktail Parties”, “After-work Cocktails” and more.

Duration: 2-3 hours or tailored to your needs
Location: Our Cocktail Bar can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

Personality Profiling

Character Builders facilitators will engage a fun and very accurate profiling session with your team. Our past clients have recounted how accurate and relevant the information was in relation to themselves.

Your staff will learn to:

  • Identify their major strengths and feel empowered to utilise them
  • Accept their weaknesses and understand how to rediect them into strengths
  • Relate to others in a way in wish they want to be related to
  • Self actualize more effectively in different scenarios
  • Recognise ‘types’ of personalities in a team
  • Employ the right strategies for different types of personalities

Contact us for a tailored insight as to how we can do this for your team.

Team Rafting

Picture the team stranded on a beautiful island beach. The first few days were bliss but now the food supplies and desperate need for water means you must get off the Island. With limited equipment your teams must work together to construct and paddle their very own ticket to the mainland. Your team will love the competition, imagination and execution of this great team challenge. Paddles Ready!!!

We provide all equipment, friendly and fun facilitators and full public liability insurance

Duration: Full day
Location: Our stranded beach can be tailored for your chosen locations or at one of our preferred locations.
All major towns and cities in Australia

Conference Energisers

Looking for fun, hands-on break-out sessions? Look no further!! We have a variety of short, sharp and very engaging activities. All of our offerings promote networking and loads of fun. You can rest assured that your guests will leave feeling as if they were part of a conference with that extra wow factor.

Duration:      Tailored to your needs
Location:     Our energisers can complement your conference in any location
All major towns and cities in Australia

Corporate Kangaroo Court

Teams go head to head debating challenging topics. A great way to develop persuasive speaking and public presentations, while having a great team challenge experience.

Teams will have a limited time to construct their argument before entering into battle!

Duration:      2-3 hours or tailored to your needs
Location:     Our Court Room can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

Trivia Quiz Night

Pour the drinks, pass the tapas and get ready for some entertainment. As part of any emerging team it is important to encourage the members to think outside the box. We can offer you a lateral thinking team builder that will also help to grow the morale and social culture of your organisation. From experience, we know that the team needs opportunities to interact with each other outside the busy day to day schedule of work.

We can bring this team builder to you or host it in a private location and show your team a great event. Please also ask us about coupling this evening with catering options to complement this event.

Heaps of Prizes and everyone gets involved

Duration: 2-3 hours or Tailored to your needs
Location: Our quiz central can be tailored to your request
All major towns and cities in Australia

“I am a Year 5 Teacher at Aspley State School and have attended a number of Kokoda trail Development days over many years. I find the activities highly motivating and valuable for our students each year. It is particularly useful when the children are planning their approach for becoming Student Leaders in Year 6. I would highly recommend this Excursion from an educator’s perspective”

Aspley State School

“The staff at Character Builders have always been amazing with our students! They are highly motivated, very caring and extremely organised Over the years, all of our students have responded positively to their methods of delivery. Working with Character Builders is always a lot of fun!”

St Margarets

“We have been working alongside Character Builders for a number of years now. We have found them to be a reliable, cost-effective and an enjoyable company to work with. The students have gained great insights into ‘Stepping Up, Stepping Back and Encouraging Others’. All of the activities are engaging and really challenge the students to step out of their comfort zone. Character Builders offers a differentiated program that caters to all of our students’ needs. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Character Builders to look forward to many more adventures with them. ”

Faith Lutheran College

“We have used Character Builders to facilitate our leadership workshops and programs. I highly recommend their professionalism, attention to detail and services.”

Michelle O’Brien – Student Success Unit - Griffith University

“Our teams loved the Amazing Race. The challenges and facilitators were great.
Thanks to Damon, Shane and Belinda for understanding our needs and the great job they did on the day.”

Claire Randall Life Without Barriers

“Thanks to Character Builders for a highly engaging and energetic team building afternoon of Olympic Games. It was great to see the team working together and laughing while vying to take out first place! Well done on taking the time to ensure the event was tailored to our needs, demonstrating your understanding of our business and making sure everyone was having a great time.”

Sally Bruce – General Manager, Mortgages – NAB Melbourne

““Every year our Company puts together a team building day and this year we decided to outsource the organisation of this event to Character Builders. Character Builders were extremely helpful and professional and our team had a great day. We did a CBD scavenger photo treasure hunt and made wood fired pizzas. Damon assisted with this process organising the food, coach transport and hunt. On the day Damon and his team were great in making sure our team had a good time with plenty to talk about. I would definitely recommend Character Builders.””

Esslyn Hendry, Super Retail Group Ltd

““Thanks to Character Builders for organising our "Ready Steady Cook" team building night. The "Ready Steady Cook" competition was professionally organised with the finest foods and it was so much fun watching teams trying to put their culinary skills in action!! Nice wines and fine beer flowed all night and everyone had a fantastic night. It really brought our team together. I will be highly recommending Character Builders to all employers wanting to achieve confidence and unity in their organisation.””

Dibbs Barker Lawyers

“Thank you for the wonderful day you ran for our team. Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all the fun team building activities. ”

Laura Macleod – The Ruby Room

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