Character Builders leadership program can be delivered to individual year levels or incorporated as a sequential program. The suggested course of leadership acquisition below is a guide for schools to consider.

Shared Leadership Program

This is a wonderful introductory program to leadership for the leaders of the primary school. Initially the year 5 cohort are exposed to notion that the journey ahead is one of connectedness for the cohort and character development for the individual. The year 5’s will build the qualities listed below in preparation for their senior year.
At the same time the seniors will be engaging in meaningful, responsible and character building challenges that promote responsibility and a growth in character awareness. Our team will challenge the cohort to set the right example to the whole school community through a number of intentional leadership experiences. By the end of primary leadership program students will have developed a strong sense of self worth, capability, resilience and readiness to step up to new challenges as they move forward in their education and lives.

Year 5 – Preparing to Lead Core Skills – trusting, collaborating, communicating, respecting, inclusion and confidence building

Year 6 – Leading the Primary School Core Skills – presenting, responsibility, facilitating, sharing, service and handover (empowering the 5’s to step up)

Suitable For:

  • Years 5-6
  • 30-300 students
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Character Leadership Program

Middle school is arguably one of the most trying times in a students life. Our middle school leadership program provides for this by empowering students with further opportunities to develop character. Tomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, quoted “what one’s mind creates one’s character can control”. We firmly agree with this understanding and look to create our own intentional light bulb moments for students during this time. We do this through our fabulous leadership experiences including Kokoda, Amazing Race, The Bigger Picture, Domino Theory and our wonderful group dynamic and character building presentations.
Year 7 – Personal Leadership Core Skills – personal excellence, self-awareness, self-respect, self-esteem, confidence, individuality

Year 8 – Peer Leadership Core Skills – awareness of others, respecting difference, peer culture, interpersonal skills, team building

Year 9 – Emerging Leadership Core Skills – digital leadership, global awareness, social justice, elective

Suitable For:

  • Years 7-9
  • 30-300 students
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Servant Leadership Program

We strongly believe that the senior years are about service learning and giving. In return our program empowers students to experience that as you serve others you actually develop a greater depth of character and personal achievement. These years are pivotal in helping young adults to connect with the possibilities of their own capabilities and efforts. By the end of senior your students will have developed life long character habits that will be confidently transferable to any situation.
Year 10 – Career Based Leadership Profile Core Skills – employability, goal setting, vision dreaming, targets/key performance indicators, time management, organisation

Year 11 – Senior Leadership Preparation Core Skills – inclusion, team building, morale, peer organisation,   Don’t forget to check out our leadership camps (especially for year 11). Character Builders is a market leader when it comes to facilitating school leadership camps and preparing year 11 to lead with gusto.

Year 12 – The Pinnacle Year Core Skills – role-modelling, prioritizing, facilitating, co-ordinating, handover, personal excellence

Suitable For:

  • Years 10-12
  • 30-300 students
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“I am a Year 5 Teacher at Aspley State School and have attended a number of Kokoda trail Development days over many years. I find the activities highly motivating and valuable for our students each year. It is particularly useful when the children are planning their approach for becoming Student Leaders in Year 6. I would highly recommend this Excursion from an educator’s perspective”

Aspley State School

“The staff at Character Builders have always been amazing with our students! They are highly motivated, very caring and extremely organised Over the years, all of our students have responded positively to their methods of delivery. Working with Character Builders is always a lot of fun!”

St Margarets

“We have been working alongside Character Builders for a number of years now. We have found them to be a reliable, cost-effective and an enjoyable company to work with. The students have gained great insights into ‘Stepping Up, Stepping Back and Encouraging Others’. All of the activities are engaging and really challenge the students to step out of their comfort zone. Character Builders offers a differentiated program that caters to all of our students’ needs. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Character Builders to look forward to many more adventures with them. ”

Faith Lutheran College

“I would like to extend you and your team my heartfelt thanks for the last couple of days you spent with our boys. All feedback I have received from staff and students who attended them has been overwhelmingly positive and extremely complimentary of the way you guys conducted the days”

Mr Michael O’Brien – Vice Rector Formation, Padua College

“We will continue to enjoy the leadership incursion collaboration with Character Builders in the future in the quest to build confident, open minded, caring and knowledgeable student leaders. ”

Mrs Rebecca Lennon, Head of Primary, Moreton Bay College

“A well-prepared, energetic and empathetic team who related very well to the girls in our school.
Leadership activities were fun, engaging and well run and they achieved the teamwork goals we had established including collaboration, communication, problem-solving and showing initiative.
We were very impressed by this team of professionals!”

Peta Vincent - The Glennie School Toowoomba

“As a company Character Builders promises to engage, motivate and help create unity, respect, self-esteem and confidence; this was definitely our experience and I will be using them again in the near future.”

Darryl Mulholland - YMCA Clem Jones

“Character Builders provides a thought-provoking and emotionally challenging leadership program that succeeds in harnessing the power of storytelling and shared enjoyment. Students find the courage to be vulnerable. In doing so, they emerge as a more understanding, cohesive and potentially powerful team, ready to take on the challenge of school leadership.”

Jane Elliot - Clayfield College

“Character builders is a company I highly recommend for working with school students, especially around the issues of developing relationships and friendships amongst teenage girls. Damon and his staff have great insight into the issues affecting young people and the skills to enable the youth of today to see themselves and their interactions with others in new and positive ways.”

Wendy Mayes – Ipswich Girls Grammar

“Working with Damon and his Character Builders team has given our students the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. Their programs highlight the key attributes of student leaders to allow them to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. All our students walk away from these sessions energised and with a repertoire of new skills.”

Sharon Flack – A.B. Paterson College

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