Corporate Team Building Experiences

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Corporate Team Building can sometimes muster negativity and resistance from a team.

This may be because past team experiences have not catered to or engaged all team members.   Furthermore, the responsibility of organising the perfect team experience places one or two employees under enormous pressure.  This is not how the experience should be.  Instead teams should be given a clear understanding of options and guaranteed outcomes so that everyone can look forward to the day.

Therefore it is important to find an experience that allows each team member to feel valued and actively involved in what is on offer.   With Character Builders you are investing in a team building company that has grown because of its innovative and out of the box style approach to team building.

Our facilitators are highly trained and are experienced at bringing teams together. We know how to get your team working well and having a great time.

We have a host of great venues and options that cater for all abilities, ages, budgets and preferences.

See a recent testimonial below as to why you should chose Character Builders for your next team building event.

“Thank you to Character Builders for an awesome team activity at our recent event at Couran Cove Resort. Everyone had a brilliant time and it was the best team activity we’ve had. It really did serve its purpose and highlighted some training gaps in our teams. Thank you once again for a great activity and we hope we can come together in the future. “


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