2017 Facilitator Training

I had the honour and privilege of being invited to attend Character Builders’ annual Facilitator Training earlier this year.  Not only was the experience personally moving, it was eye opening to better understand the research, pedagogy and passion that Damon and Clare (Owners and Directors) put into the programs, experiences and training at Character Builders.

The view from Altitude 261, the beautiful venue of our 2017 Facilitator Training

I have worked as the Program Coordinator at Character Builders since March of this year.  With a background in school-based program management, children’s education, and the arts, I took on this role thinking I had little to learn, but a lot to share.  At the surface Character Builders appeared to be a straight forward, streamlined business that had built themselves a great reputation by being exceptional at what they did.  Their programs; tried and tested, simple and reliable.  What I couldn’t see from the surface was the years of expertise, knowledge and training that has gone into the creation of every single Character Builders’ experience.


The Girls’ team won the balloon construction experience!

Character Builders’ execute their activities with detailed precision and purpose; always driving towards a greater objective. We tailor every offering to ensure learning, connection and growth.   It was encouraging and eye opening to see the coaching Character Builders Facilitators receive in classroom management and more importantly around character development and support.  A dedication and commitment to be present, aware and to ensure every student can take something valuable from their time with the team.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

I now feel that it is my responsibility to better communicate these complexities with clients through the processes and systems behind the scenes.  Clare and Damon have become so good at what they do; they make this business seem effortless.  While they absolutely have the people and infrastructure in place to ensure streamlined operations, nothing could be less true than what they do being effortless.  The reality is, that Character Builders is a labour of love and a business built on passion.  The team here work tirelessly to ensure high quality programs and meaningful outcomes from every piece of work we do.  Nothing is by accident.  Every “game”, each “activity”, is driving towards a purposeful outcome.  Everything is genuinely engineered around creating unity, respect, self-esteem and confidence. I feel privileged to have joined such a passionate and talented team.

(Most of) The team!

I’m looking forward to years of learning working beside them.



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